January 23, 2009

BBC learning English

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very useful website to learning English



January 19, 2009

3 easy step to unlock & update your phone to the latest version 2.2

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Download Latest Quick Pwn tool 2.2

Download a little add on for Quick Pwn tool “BL-39” & “BL-46”

Download iPhone latest Firmware 2.2 for iPhone 2G

following 3 easy steps.
1) BACKUP you iPhone so that you don’t loose any data.

2) Upgrade your firmware 2.2 by using itunes from your computer .

a. Connect your iPhone 3G to your computer via USB cable and launch iTunes and select your iPhone.
b. Hold the SHIFT key and click the “Restore” button. iTunes will launch a file dialog for you to select the firmware file. Locate the iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw file for firmware 2.2 that you have downloaded.
c.iTunes will then restore your iPhone with firmware 2.2 which takes sometime, please wait for the process to complete.

3) Use Quick Pwn 2.2 software to unlock your iPhone .

a.Launch QuickPwn from the unzipped folder to start jailbreaking your iPhone.
b.Please ensure that your iPhone is connected to your computer. QuickPwn will automatically detect it and enable the blue arrow button, click it to continue.
c.the pwn2.2 will guide you throught any easy step to unlock your phone
d.at the end you will got your iphone updated to 2.2 and unlocked.

December 17, 2008

10 things Linux does better than Windows

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#1: TCO

This can o’ worms has been, and will be, debated until both operating systems are no more. But let’s face it — the cost of a per-seat Windows license for a large company far outweighs having to bank on IT learning Linux. This is so for a couple of reasons.

First, most IT pros already know a thing or two about Linux. Second, today’s Linux is not your mother’s Linux. Linux has come a long, long way from where it was when I first started. Ten years ago, I would have said, hands down, Windows wins the TCO battle. But that was before KDE and GNOME brought their desktops to the point where any given group of monkeys could type Hamlet on a Linux box as quickly as they could type it on a Windows box. I bet any IT department could roll out Linux and do it in such a way that the end users would hardly know the difference. With KDE 4.1 leaps and bounds beyond 4.0, it’s already apparent where the Linux desktop is going — straight into the end users’ hands. So with all the FUD and rhetoric aside, Windows can’t compete with Linux in TCO. Add to that the cost of software prices (including antivirus and spyware protection) for Windows vs. Linux, and your IT budget just fell deeply into the red.

#2: Desktop

You can’t keep a straight face and say the Linux desktop is more difficult to use than the Windows desktop. If you can, you might want to check the release number of the Linux distribution you are using. Both GNOME and KDE have outpaced Windows for user-friendliness. Even KDE 4, which has altered the path of KDE quite a bit, will make any given user at home with the interface. But the Linux desktop beats the Windows desktop for more reasons than just user-friendliness. It’s far more flexible than anything Microsoft has ever released. If you don’t like the way the Linux desktop looks or behaves, change it. If you don’t like the desktop included with your distribution, add another. And what if, on rare occasion, the desktop locks up? Well, Windows might require a hard restart. Linux? Hit Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to force a logout of X Windows. Or you can always drop into a virtual console and kill the application that caused your desktop to freeze. It’s all about flexibility… something the Windows desktop does not enjoy.
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